Saturday, July 30, 2011

We made it through the week.

I had high hopes for this week. Darren and Casey were going on a campout and I knew it would be hard to run the business and keep everything going at home but...Wow! I don't know how single Moms do it. Murphy's law was alive and well and my nice and easy schedule that we had planned turned into craziness at Classic Floor Care. Jobs cancelled and rescheduled, employees were overworked, customers were "a little disappointed", the equipment broke down, and opportunities for new business had to be "managed" by me. It was all going to be worth it because the boys were having a wonderful bonding experience. Hmmm...the guys returned last night from the high adventure trip with the young men of our ward.  They made it back alive although I think it will be a long time before they go tent camping again.  Casey said it was fun, he learned how to play poker really well (what??), caught a fish, and got eaten by mosquitos. Darren stayed at camp for two days and  then he walked down the hill by himself, exhaused (he hadn't slept since he left home) and sick.  After an i.v., treatment for nausua and a burst eardrum he was able to leave the hospital and spent the next night at the Easy 8 and waited for the rest of the campers to come down the mountain and go home.  So much for the "bonding experience."

It wasn't all bad...
  • Hannah started cheerleading this week and I'm having fun as an assistant coach.  The little girls are adorable, I'm getting some exercise, and so far, only a little drama. 
  • Katie and Brandon got home from their trip to Idaho and they had fun visiting with the Guthries and Jeremy and family.
  • Brendon had a lot of playdates and went bowling and saw a couple of movies.
Overall, we made it through, but an uneventful week would be appreciated...soon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

At the Beach

We've spent two weeks at the beach this month and between going home for work, football practice and Grandma's house, we have had a great time.  We go in our trailer so we have a "semi relaxing" home away from home. (Still a lot of work but at least it's a different location.) This week we've been here with our friends, "The Friends" and it's been a lot of fun. Darren and I love being here all together and getting away from the everyday routine. I don't even mind cooking since I have a bunch of people here to eat! We've had a great time and we're almost ready to head back to full time reality.

Hannah has been amazing this trip.  She has decided she wants to be a surfer and has no fear of the waves or cold water. (Something her mom does not understand, at all.)  If she can convince her Dad, brother, or sister to take her in the water, she is out there as far as any of them. Kinda scary and I admit I jump up every five minutes or so when she "catches a wave."

Casey has been in the water, on a bike, eating, or playing COD in the trailer. (Wow! How I hate COD) He is so fun though... he entertains me. He's been driving back and forth to football practice this week. Not too cool for vacation but gotta show your "effort and emotion" for the team.

Brendon has made it out to the water once...when we forced him to go and bribed him with "yellow chips." He used to love the ocean and I would have to coerce him out of the water. Now he spends the whole time saying, "No sharks. No mermaids. No octopus." Thank you movies! He spends most of the time drawing his pictures and is perfectly content just staying inside. Whatever!

Katie and Brandon are having fun. Their first beach vacation as married folks! I think they're finally defrosting after two long semesters in Idaho. Darren and I love having another couple around to beat in cards.  But we have to stop playing "Oh Sha!" I always lose so badly, it puts me in a bad mood and then I end up throwing my cards at someone.

So...there's my first blog post. It only took about two hours. (Gotta cut the time down or it will never happen again.)